Our Voter Guide

Customized for your FPC, personalized for your constituents



Your voter guide will stand strong during the heaviest usage with cutting-edge redundant servers without any dependency on 3rd party APIs to function.



Appearance and functionality are tailored to your needs.  We work with you and your design department to make a solution that carries your brand.



All district boundaries are loaded into the system from government sources.  We import the latest boundaries when we build your guide.

Every voter isn’t the same, so every voter guide shouldn’t be either. PatriotGuide.us guides are personalized for every user. Every organization isn’t the same, either. Our voter guides are customized to meet your 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) needs. Our voter guides are also ready to meet your primary race needs. Whether you live in an open or closed primary state, you will be ready to empower your people to make a difference with their ballot!
Don’t let limited software leave important races out of your voter guide! Whenever you face federal state or local elections, your voter guide will be ready. We’ll match all users’ addresses to voter-specific districts automatically. Your voters will see the candidates that will appear on their specific ballot.
Sadly, clients have come to us who have had their voter guide shut down, due to too much usage. But don’t you want your guide to be heavily accessed? With PatriotGuide.us, there are no limits to the number of races you can cover, the number of candidates you can include or the number of candidate answers you can present. Most importantly, there are no limits to the number of users who can avail themselves to your guide.

Our Voter Guide Offers

  • A user-friendly interface, customizable for your federal and state-specific races,
    referendums and ballot initiatives.
  • A side-by-side comparison of candidates on numerous key issues.
  • The ability to print, email or text the names of user-chosen candidates.
  • A mobile-friendly and social-media-ready platform for helping your voter guide go viral!
  • An intuitive back-end environment that your staff will appreciate.
  • The opportunity to work with a trusted and tested vendor who shares your values.

Our Text Alert System

A controversial bill just made it to the floor of the house and votes will soon be cast.  A dozen legislators are still riding the fence.  Lobbyists and donors are pressuring them to go against their conscience.  What can your FPC do?  Imagine being able to immediately notify your constituents about the urgent need in your statehouse.

With PatriotGuide.US, you can easily deliver personalized texts to your constituents’ cell phones. They will receive only the information relevant to them—including their specific representative’s name and contact number. Your supporters will have the power to act instantly in the palm of their hands!

Ten of the legislators were swamped with phone calls and emails urging them to reject the bill.  Eight voted against it.  This time, the bill fails.  With PatriotGuide.US, you’ve just won a victory for your state.

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